1:10 2.4G 4WD RC Off-road Fuel Powered Vehicle with TOYAN FS-S100A Nitro Engine - RTR


75cc large-capacity fuel tank, sealed and leak-proof, equipped with ultra-long fuel pipe and spring gland to facilitate users to add fuel, play longer and have more fun.
Powerful Engine:
The car is equipped with a high-performance TOYAN single-cylinder four-stroke methanol engine with a highly simulated appearance, compact and lightweight structure, and provides good power output.
Differential Four-wheel Drive:
High-quality alloy main gear, high-quality differential, scientific design, durable.
Ball Joint:
Ball joint design, solid universal transmission cup and high-performance full-car rolling bearing. Super pressure wind tail.
Aluminum Alloy Chassis:
Anodized high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum alloy base plate, shock absorber bracket, anti-collision and wear-resistant.
Hydraulic Shock Absorption:
The whole vehicle is equipped with special tires for off-road vehicles, equipped with 4 oil-filled all-aluminum shock absorbers, which can be adjusted according to different road surfaces, and the driving is more stable.
This car does not contain a car shell and is equipped with engine ignition accessories. It needs to be added with 20-25% nitromethane methanol mixed fuel. After starting the engine, the car can be controlled on the road. Whether you are a novice or an experienced RC oil truck player, this car will be your high-quality choice. If you have a certain amount of hands-on ability, you can also modify and upgrade this car. Enjoy the fun brought by gasoline-powered cars.
For Ages: 14+

.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal + Plastic
.Ratio: 1:10
.Wheelbase: 275mm
.Ground Clearance: 26mm
.Wheel Diameter x Width: 86 x 32mm(F)/86 x 40mm(R)
.Engine: TOYAN FS-S100A single-cylinder four-stroke methanol engine
.Remote Controller: 2.4GHz full scale digital remote control
.Remote Control Distance: > 200 meters
.Remote Control Battery: 4 x AA battery (not included)
.Start-up Battery: 3S 11.1V 1500mAh lithium battery
.Charger: B3 charger
.Product Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 16cm
.Product Weight: 3000g
.Package Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 4500g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:
.1 x RC Car
.1 x Remote Controller
.1 x Charger
.1 x User Manual

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