1/10 RC Rear-drive Steam Vehicle Model Mini V4 Steam Engine with Gearbox and Boiler (Finished Version, without Transmitter, Receiver and Battery)


Vehicle Model:
 This is a vehicle with a sense of historical age. It is different from steam trucks and steam paving machines. It is efficient and fast. It has a special elliptical furnace. It uses infrared burners and superheated tubes to increase the steam temperature. It is small in size. The light-weight V4 steam engine is matched with a gearbox.

Complete Functions:
 Rear-wheel drive design, horizontal boiler with high heat transfer efficiency, the vehicle can travel easily, when you control this vehicle, it will attract the attention of many people and wonder how it works.
.High Quality: This is an amazing high-quality artwork, crafted with almost all metal materials, full of metallic texture and mechanical beauty. Frame load-bearing chassis, brass frame, stainless steel laser beam, and keel shell.

Widely Used:
This is an interesting and imaginative steam model. It uses a steam engine as a power and a novel shape of a waste land vehicle as a carrier, allowing you to return to the steam age and feel its unique charm. It can not only be used as a remote control vehicle to play, but also can study the principle of its steam drive.

It is very suitable for you to use as a steam model collection ornament. You can also prepare a best surprise gift for your steam lovers, friends or relatives during holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, birthday, etc. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Age: 14+

.Color: As Shown
.Material: Aluminum Alloy + Brass + Stainless Steel
.Ratio: 1:10
.Wheel Diameter × Width: 70 × 8mm (O ring)
.Steam Engine Type: Mini V4 steam engine with gearbox
.Weight: 2.5kg (excluding remote control accessories, boiler water)
.Boiler Structure: Unique horizontal boiler with oval furnace (recommended water volume 150-200ml)
.Level Gauge: Self-supporting level gauge (the level gauge extends to the side of the cab)
.Boiler Size: Diameter 60mm × length 140mm
.Burner: Gas infrared burner
.Drive Mode: Rear-wheel Drive (1:4 differential)
.Product Dimensions: 43 x 15 x 15cm
.Product Weight: 2500g
.Package Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 3200g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:
.1 x Steam Vehicle Model

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