1.85CC Retro Vertical Single-cylinder Reciprocating Double-acting Model Steam Engine with 200ml Steam Boiler

Steam Engine Model:
.The exquisite and compact steam model is easy to install and play with in your hands, making you hardly tear yourself away from it.
.Mainly made of brass and processed by CNC machining, the premium quality model boasts rich-in-luster, delicate and aesthetic surface for fine production, sophisticated technology and smooth operation. The main shaft sleeve adopts abrasion-resistant beryllium copper with high hardness to ensure long-term running.
.Easy to operate without fussiness, the installed steam engine with boiler allows the users to intuitively feel the charm of the steam engine.
.Suitable for steam engine enthusiasts, the engine model with considerable operability is able to exercise hands-on ability and teach children or students about the operation of steam engines.
.Walk through the working principle of the steam model more intuitively through operating it, which boasts an extremely valuable collection for both production technology and appearance.
1. The steam engine is a reciprocating power machine that converts the energy of steam into mechanical work.
2. Lubricating oil should be dropped at each friction point of the nose before operation. Add water into the boiler and heat it until it boils. Then gently twirl the flywheel until it runs automatically. (If getting stuck, maybe 1, the pressure is insufficient; 2, cylinder and piston lubrication are not enough; 3, the cylinder and piston running is not in place.)

200ml Steam Boiler:
.Fully Equipped: Equipped with a pressure gauge, a main valve, a water level meter, a waste water tank, etc., the elaborate steam boiler model features outstanding appearance & reliable performance.
.Well-made: Made of pure copper, the boiler comes with mahogany on the surface for wonderful heat insulation effect. Designed with a reserved chimney interface & interfaces on each side reserved for additional accessories.
.High Efficiency: This model that won't let you down boasts a super high heat rate! Heated by combustion, the pipe allows air pressure to reach 0.4MPa in about 8min. With the pressure of 0.5MPa & maximum working time of 25min, the pressure relief valve ensures the safety in use.
.Applications: The model is a great vintage art collection for steam model enthusiasts & collectors. Suitable for 1.0-1.5m model steam boats, the model can also be used for racing boats by effortlessly driving a triple-cylinder steam engine.
.Instructions: Add water to 3/5 of the total capacity and keep the pressure at about 0.4MPa. Pay attention to the burning time (water must be added), then drain the remaining water inside after use. Used in conjunction with a quality fire control system, the use of the boiler is safer and you are able to save gas. The best fuel for the boiler is butane gas.

Steam Engine Model:
.Material: Copper
.Type: Vertical Single-cylinder Double-acting Steam Engine Model
.Displacement: 1.85CC
.Recommended Air Pressure: 0.4MPa-0.6MPa
.Bore: 14mm
.Stroke: 12mm
.Air Inlet Thread: 1/4-40TPI
.Product Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 10cm
.Product Weight: 1000g
.Package Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 15cm
.Package Weight: 1200g
.Packing: Carton Box

200ml Steam Boiler:
.Material: Brass + Mahogany
.Item NO.: B-1
.Outside Diameter: 80mm
.Length: 130mm
.Height: 200mm
.Weight: 1900g
.Full-load Capacity: 200ml
.Valve Pressure: 0.4MPa
.Pipe Joint: 1/4-40mm
.Product Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 20cm
.Product Weight: 1900g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 2500g

Package List:
1 x Steam Engine Model
1 x Base
1 Set Parts
1 x Instructions
1 x Steam Boiler Model
1 x Main Valve
1 x Pressure Gauge
1 x Water Level Gauge
1 x Butane Gas Tank Connecting Hose
3 x 3.5mm Copper Pipe

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