3-Cylinder Electromagnetic Engine Brushless Motor Metal Miniature Star Model with 6-12V

.The mini star three-cylinder electromagnetic engine model is made of metal material for mechanical feel, with exquisite craftsmanship, and perfectly combined components for precise manufacture technology.  
.The engine model is powered by 6-12V voltage power supply and 2S-3S lithium batteries are recommended. The strong magnetic piston is rotatable positively and negatively while the iron piston only rotates in one direction.  
.Working principle of electromagnetic engine: the electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy and the magnetic energy into mechanical energy. According to the principle of like charges repel each other, unlike charges attract, the proper use of a small amount of electrical energy will generate strong magnetic energy. Each cylinder electromagnet in the set range repel and attarct each other, resulting in a strong repulsion and suction force. The magnet is forced to push the connecting rod and make the crankshaft rotate. Then the engine completes working.  
.Multiple Uses: It evokes immersive fun, deepens the understanding of the electromagnetic engine structure and operation principle, enhances the interest in learning scientific knowledge through operation. Great for science & education experiment or teaching, and DIY model collection.  

1. Please do not make the engine running for a long time. The electricity enameled wire is easy to generate heat and the strong magnet which is in a high temperature for a long time is easy to weaken, which may interfere the engine performance. Please stop the engine immediately when it is in a high temperature to prevent scalding (max. temperature of strong magnet is 80℃ and enameled wire is 200℃).  
2. The piston opening of the engine is an open cylinder hole and there is a strong magnetic piston inside which is easy to attract iron and metallic objects to the inner body, resulting in the piston stuck and disfunction. Also do not add lubricating oil in the engine's interior to prevent it from being exposed to dust.



.Material: Metal + Brass + Enameled Wire + Acrylic +PVC+ Strong Magnet
.Engine Diameter: 90mm
.Engine Thickness: 50mm
.Piston Diameter: 10mm
.Piston Stroke: 9mm
.Spindle Diameter: 3mm
.Voltage: 6-12V
.Current: 5A or above  
.Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.9 x 5cm
.Product Weight: 150g
.Package Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15cm
.Package Weight: 250g
.Paking: Box

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