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Product Parameters:
Displacement: 32cc (8cc × 4)
cylinder length 150mm
width 60mm
.In-line four-cylinder water-cooled gasoline engine model, gasoline independently lubricated, with intake and exhaust carburetor, oil pump with water pump, with spark plug and igniter, with fuel tank and without cold exhaust.
.Tips: Before starting, you must check whether there is engine oil, if not, please add engine oil. Water cooling must be connected, otherwise the consequences are at your own expense. This machine is an independent lubricated model four-cylinder engine that burns pure gasoline. Each machine is tested before leaving the factory. It is normal to have oil marks or start signs after receiving it.
.For Age: 14+


.Material: Aluminium Alloy
.Item Name: Gasoline Engine Inline Four Cylinder Model
.Displacement: 4 x 8CC
.Model: GN-N100
.Size of Engine: 210 x 120 x 150mm(L x W x H)
.Cylinder Diameter: 24mm
.Stroke: 20mm
.Voltage: 6-12V
.Fuel: Gasline 95# / 97# / 98#
.Best Tappet Clearance: 0.5mm
.Cylinder Liner: Stainless Steel Cylinder Liner
.Piston: Double Groove 7075 Aluminium Alloy Piston
.Piston Ring: Double Metal  Piston Ring
.Connecting Rod: One-piece Casting
.Crankshaft: One-piece Casting, Later Quenching
.Cylinder: 7075 Aluminum Alloy, Anodized
.Lubrication Method: Independent Lubrication(Independent lubrication of crankshaft and camshaft, splash lubrication for the rest)
.Product Size: 21 x 12 x 15cm
.Product Weight: 3000g
.Package Dimensions: 28 x 23 x 22cm
.Package Weight: 3800g
.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.1 x Engine Model
.1 x Fuel Tank
.1 x Igniter
.1 x Battery Box
.2 x Hall Sensor
.1 x Fuel Pipe
.2 x Water Cooled Pipe
.1 x Filter
.1 x Water Cooled Platoon Kit
.1 x Push Botton Switch
.1 x Manual

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