Indulge your creativity with our Creative Rabbits Miniature Walnut DIY Kit! 🐰✨ Unleash your artistic flair as you craft adorable miniature rabbits from high-quality walnut materials.

Choose from 6 styles:

  • Sweet Party
  • Wedding Time
  • Jungle Movement
  • Gold Mining Tour
  • Undersea Roaming
  • Starry Notes

  • Product weight: about 0.25 KG
  • Production difficulty:★☆☆☆☆
  • Production time: about 6-10 hours
  • Material: wood, cloth, paper, resin, etc.
  • Function: home display, collection, gift giving, etc.

Portable display box size: about 8.5x3x7.8cm
Seed size after opening the shell: about 8x5x2cm
Seed size after shelling: about 4x5x4cm

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and animal lovers alike, this kit promises a delightful and fulfilling crafting experience. 🌈🔨 Let your imagination hop into action!

🎨 Elevate your decor with these charming rabbit companions or gift them to someone special. 🎁

Elevate Easter joy with Sweet Party – share the sweetness, create memories. #SweetEaster 🐰🌷

Celebrate Easter in love with Wedding Moments – make it special. #LoveOnEaster 💍🌼

Explore nature's mystery with Jungle Sonata this Easter. Feel the jungle vibe. #JungleAdventure 🌿🐒

Embark on a golden Easter adventure – create lasting memories. #GoldenEasterAdventure ✨🌟

Take an Easter stroll under the sea – create marine memories. #UnderwaterAdventure 🐠🌊

Let stars guide your Easter – record miracles under the starlight. #StarryEaster 🌌✨

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