dedicated to bringing poetry and faraway places home,

becoming a friend connecting reality and dreams,

making Book Nook  a participant in your good life!

Each item in the ancient city of Hana has been carefully crafted, with details as delicate as the touch.

We draw inspiration from fairy tales, such as the town on the Rhine.

Historic houses stand side by side. The colorful frescoes are like an old storybook, slowly telling the mysterious medieval period.

Imported ink, safe and environmentally friendly, so that customers feel safe and healthy.

DIY handmade, with a good gift, let your loved ones feel the unique importance.

Immersive decompression toys, killing time / spend quality time with family.


— Name: The Ancient City of Flowers
— SKU: YS07
— Recommended Age: Over 14
— Assembly Time:2-3 days
— Finish Size: 25×18×8cm
— Weight: 1.1 KG
— Detailed colored instructions in English.

⛪ Tips 
  • Glue and batteries are not included because they are not allowed to be shipped by air, so please prepare them yourself. You can choose silicone liquid glue and 2 batteries (AAA type).
  • BOOK NOOK kit, you need to DIY, sanding, gluing, assembly, modeling, in order to complete the build your own kit.
  • If you have any questions, please contact CUTEBEE and we will do our best to help you.

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