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  • 【Sports Car Model Kit】: Our sports car model is a commemorative creative sports car, the finished size of the car is 12.20in(L) x 6.34in(W) x 2.87in(H), and this supercar kit consists of 1116 pieces of high-quality blocks, the block surface is smooth and the material is safe. The car kit also comes with color instructions to help you easily complete the build. You can share your results and fun with your family and friends, and it will also be an exciting block work in your display case.
  • 【Realistic Sports Car Design】: The design of this EB110 sports car model is highly restored to the original car, the external streamlined design makes the entire car’s lines beautiful and layered, and the interior decoration is realistic. And this car has a lot of movable details. Its front window is movable, and the doors and sunroof can be opened. The horseshoe-shaped air intake grille and rear wing design at the front are very detailed and realistic. This is a beautiful and cool block model!
  • 【Enjoy the Fun of Building】: During your building process you will find that this supercar is an electroplated wheel with a good gloss. This design gives the sports car more playability. You can manually push the sports car forward, and imagine that you are driving a supercar, galloping on the wide road, and feeling its speed. In addition building block model kits help develop brain thinking, and using your free time to build blocks will make your life richer and more interesting.
  • 【Gift & Collection】: Our sports car model kit is perfect as a gift for teenagers and adults, you can give it to your family and friends on their birthdays or some special days, which will not only promote your relationship but also get their recognition and liking. In addition, this car model is a classic collector’s edition sports car, which is very worthwhile for block lovers or novice collections. You can take it back as your beloved collectible, which will be a meaningful thing.
  • 【After-sales Service】: If our products are fortunate enough to be purchased by you, then if you find any problems with the products after receiving the products, please contact us, and we will provide you with solutions or refunds in time. In addition, our products are sent to you after strict inspection, but if you find a missing part in the process of building the sports car model, please contact us to inform us, and we will send you the missing part for free.

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sports car

lego car

JMBricklayer 60118 Sports Car Building Block Kit – Build Creative and Cool Super Car Model

The overall design of our EB110 building block sports car model is very unique and creative. It takes into account the restoration of the interior and exterior of the sports car, with high overall restoration, realistic shape, and many details.

This sports car is a supercar model with great collectible value and commemorative significance, which is very suitable as a collectible in your building block display case. Of course, you can also enjoy the fun of building blocks with your family and friends!

sports car model kit

sports car kit

supercar toy

Streamlined Head Design

The front of the sports car model is very beautiful. The streamlined design and realistic horseshoe-shaped air intake grille make the whole sports car look more realistic and advanced.

Realistic Rear Design

The rear design of the EB110 sports car model is also very realistic. It restores the iconic features of the real car in many details, and the rear lines are also very beautiful.

Simulation Cab

The interior of the supercar model is exquisite, the color matching is also very advanced, and the cab is basically restored to the original car, so you can experience the joy of owning a cool sports car.

lego sports car

soprts car

JMBricklayer building set

Exquisite Display

The sports car model has a unique shape and graceful lines. It is a very delicate display, and you can use it as a beautiful decoration in your office or room.

Classic Collection

This is a very commemorative sports car model, and it is also very collectible. If you are interested in sports cars, you can take it as a favorite collection.

Ideal Gift for Boys

The sports car model is very suitable for teens and adults, and it is also an ideal gift for boys, you can give them to your family and friends on their birthdays, etc.

Sports Car Model Kit

Use 1116 building blocks to build a beautiful sports car model of your own. Starting from this exquisite sports car model, open your new world in the field of building blocks, you can not only have fun, but also have a group of like-minded friends.

If you are thinking about what to spend your spare time with, then choose the building block sports car kit. This can be a great activity to not only enrich your spare time, but also to benefit your physical and mental health, and get rid of the obsession that cannot do without your mobile phone.

You should take care of your eyes and focus on something more meaningful, like building blocks.

Build Your Own JMBricklayer Sports Car Building Block Model and Enjoy Building Games

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