Electrolysis of Water Oxy Hydrogen Flame Generator Kit - Engineidy

Key Points:

1, Precise Craftsmanship: The main structure of the product adopts transparent acrylic design, it is intuitive and clear. Easy to handle it. A total of 9pcs metal plates with anti-tempering protection.The metal part is 304L stainless steel. Durable and stable.
2, High Performance, No Pollution: Unlike ordinary gas, solid, and liquid fuels, there is no carbon dioxide generation during the heating process, and there is no such thing as insufficient combustion, and there are no by-products such as blackening and carbon ash. The dry type oxyhydrogen generator has the advantages of high efficiency, high gas production, easy maintenance and good heat dissipation. The electrolyzed water generates H2 + O2, and they ignites to generate water, and there is no slight pollution in this process. Add water after the liquid has fallen, and only electricity is consumed.
3, Widely Application: Can be used in school teaching, glass heating, jewelry heating, hy drogen and oxygen welding, thin metal cutting, and various heating.
4, Amazing Conversation Pieces On Your Desk: Decorative and impressive, it's proven to be a conversation starter to impress your visitors. It’s a cool piece of art even just stands on your desk.


Item Name: Electrolysis of Water Hydro Generator
Material: Acrylic + Stainless Steel
Input Voltage: 12V DC or 110-220v AC
Output Power: 200-300W
Hydrogen Torch Temperature: 2500-3000 Degree
Item Size: 32 x 20 x 35cm
Net Weight: 6000g
Package Dimensions: 35 x 22 x 35cm
Package Weight: 6500g
Packing: Carton Box

1. It is normal to have water inside the product received, and we have carried out a sealing test before shipment.
2. Make sure waiting more than half a minute to ignite to prevent tempering and bursting.
3. Can Not close the gun valve after power on. Be sure to turn off the gun and then turning off the power immediately.
4. Do Not touch the flame because Hydrogen burning is extremely hot.

Method of Use:

1. Dissolve sodium hydroxide in water to form a saturated solution.
2. Pour the liquid into the reaction chain along the copper tube. The liquid height is about 3/5.
3. Screw on the copper tube and add 2/3 of the water to the side of the acrylic tube.
4. Open the airbrush valve.
5. Wait for half an hour while powering up, emptying the air.
6. Ignition.
7. If you need to shut down, be sure to turn off the valve before turning off the power.

Packing List:

1 x Electrolysis of Water Generator
1 x Sprayer
1 x Power Line

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