Full Metal Stirling Engine Generator Model Stem Engine Educational Toy

This Stirling engine is made by industrial-grade processing level, creating an all-metal exquisite model, unique and innovative, is a novel fashion gift and collectible; the whole machine is assembled by more than 150 small parts, including 12 rolling bearings, 30 stainless steel bolts, etc .

1, The Stirling engine adopts T-shaped rocker crank α structure, which has the characteristics of high power and high speed;
2, The moving parts of the whole machine are inlaid with rolling bearings, and the friction coefficient is low;
3, The cylinder piston is precision ground with SUJ-2 alloy steel, with clearance Precision, high hardness and good wear resistance;
4, The overall connection is fixed by screws, all connection parts are sealed by copper pads, and the performance is reliable and high temperature resistance;
5, High-density aluminum alloy heat sink, higher heat exchange rate; base with double-layer spring shock absorption, Smoother operation; all-metal material, ultra-small size, compact structure, high reliability.
6, The appearance parts are made of 6061 Sandblasted and oxidized surface of CNC aluminum alloy after processing

Instructions for Use and Maintenance:
1), Before use, dial the flywheel to check whether it rotates smoothly, if there is excessive resistance, check if the cylinder is blocked by sludge, and if necessary, remove the cylinder assembly and wipe the piston and cylinder with alcohol. And apply graphite lubricant on the surface of the piston;
2), Inject 95% alcohol into the alcohol lamp (capacity is less than two-thirds), then ignite the alcohol lamp and place it under the heating cylinder to heat for 40 seconds (the flame should be in the heating zone as much as possible) , At last you can rotate the flywheel at high speed

Warning Tips:
1), The heating source will cause the body to generate high temperature during operation. Do not touch the high temperature parts such as the heating cylinder and heat sink, otherwise it will cause thermal burns;
2), Use only ordinary alcohol lamp heat sources, and do not use windproof lighters. And other high-temperature dark fire heaters (above 500 ° C), otherwise it will cause damage to the piston cylinder at high temperature and high speed operation;
3), Do not apply any lubricating liquid grease to the piston cylinder, otherwise it will cause excessive resistance and fail to work;
4), The machine has a starting compression force. It is recommended that novices use the engine base to start for the first time use, which is easier to control.

Item Name: Full Metal Stirling Engine
Material: Metal
Engine Size: length 108(L) x 70(W) x 78(H)mm
Number of Cylinders: 2
Bore Diameter x Stroke: 10mm x 10mm
Speed: 3700-4000 RPM
Flywheel Diameter: 36mm
Package Dimensions: 130 x 90 x 100mm
Package Weight: 480g
Packing: Carton Box

Package Including:
1 x Stirling Engine Model
2 x Alcohol Lamp
2 x Wrench

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