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  • 【Power System】This marble run set contains 1508 bricks that can be built to create a harp-shaped model of the marble run roller coaster. Combining building blocks with motors creates a very creative dynamic great ball contraption display model. The tight mechanical linkage system and ingenious transmission structure will take you to feel the charm of building block technology, and immerse yourself in this endless loop of novel game experience.
  • 【Ingenious Structure】The small balls start from the ball storage box and are transported to the transmission structure by the electric lifting steps. The multi-layer ascending track continuously rotates and stirs the ball through the gear transmission structure to push the ball to a high place. After reaching the highest point, the ball will enter the next track, roll down the steps, and finally fall into the ball storage box, and start a new round of transmission, an infinite loop, without end.
  • 【Changeable Shape】The track of this marble roller coaster can change shape at will, you can give full play to your imagination and creativity, adjust the shape of the track, and design a variety of rollercoaster display models. Turn on the switch, let the ball roll on the unique track, create various game experiences, and play new tricks. The marble set contains an XL motor and a battery box(6 AAA batteries required, not included). The finished model measures 15.94in(L)x15.24in(W)x9.84in(H).
  • 【Room Decor or Gifts】A marriage of art and engineering, this roller coaster building set is both a fun toy and a dynamic display model. It has an elegant and classic design with high and low steps and layers of tracks interlaced in a harp-like shape. This mockup will be an excellent decoration for your home, office, living room, or bedroom. Plus, this creative and aesthetically pleasing set is sure to be a memorable gift. Full of technology and multiple modules are combined, which is very shocking.
  • 【Always at Your Service】You can buy roller coaster-building toys at the JMBricklayer store with confidence. Our building blocks are automatically extracted by machines, and go through several rounds of inspections to ensure that the accessories are complete. If you still find that some parts are missing during the building process, please feel free to contact us and we will resend them to you for free. If there is any problem, we will try our best to provide you with a good solution.

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JMBricklayer Electric Marble Run

JMBricklayer Electric Marble Run 70108

JMBricklayer Roller Coaster

This marble run model is equipped with a tight mechanical linkage system and an ingenious transmission structure. After starting, the ball will run and roll in an orderly manner, endlessly.

JMBricklayer room decor

It is a combination of art and technology. In the shape of a harp, classic and elegant, it will be a creative home decoration. In addition, you can change the shape of the track at will to create different display models.

JMBricklayer 70108

Strong Power Motor & Tight Gear Rotation Structure

JMBricklayer building sets

Lifting Steps Transport The Ball to A Higher Place

JMBricklayer building kits

Ingenious Transmission Structure to Transmit Balls

JMBricklayer gifts

The Ball Falls into The Next Segment of The Track

JMBricklayer marble run set

This harp-shaped model of the marble run roller coaster is both a fun toy and a creative dynamic viewing model.

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