Level 15 100-500v Low Voltage Methanol Motor Electric Generator - Enginediy

The low voltage motor can be used for generating electricty. After being installed, this DIY generator can be used for ordinary LED lighting power supply, mobile phone charging, experiment, teaching, power generation and so on. Meanwhile, it has the effect of developing intelligence, exercising the mind and practical ability.

1, High Performance: Power generation voltage between 100-500v, a tank of oil 80ml maximum sustainable power for 20 minutes.
2, Easy Operation: The motor has been assembled. with one-button electric start, you only need prepare battery to start.
3, Fuel: Mixed methanol.
4, Principle: The motor shows the converting of mechanical energy into electric energy, can be used as demostrated kit.The engine rotates through a belt that turns a generator, whose internal coils are cut to produce magnetic lines of force that generate high voltage currents. Current flows into bulbs, motors, chargers. In this process, completed the conversion process of mechanical energy into electrical energy.
5, Ideal Educational Kit for School, kids, or people who are interested in studing energy converting.

Tips: Output voltage and current between 100 to 500V 35W. The higher the speed, the larger the output voltage and current, the maximum no-load voltage is 500V (Be sure to be safe when using)

Item Name: Low Voltage Methanol Motor
Material: Metal Plastic Plank
Cylinder Diameter: 1.55 cm
Stroke: 1.25 cm
Engine Speed: 2500-17000 / min
Engine Size: L 9.5 x W4.5 x H 8CM
Brushless Generator Size: L10 x D4.2cm
Output Shaft: L2.8 x D0.5cm
Pulley: inner hole is 5mm diameter, outer wheel outer diameter is 3cm, small wheel outer diameter is 2.4cm;
Fuel tank: 80ml for about 20 minutes
Load: light bulbs, electric motors, chargers and other equipment;
Motor Size: 20 x 15 x 15cm
Motor Weight: 2100g
Package Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 25cm
Package Weight: 3500g
Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:
1 x Low Voltage Methanol Motor

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