M92 Metal Horizontal Hit and Miss Water-cooled Gasoline Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model with Flywheel Speed Limiter


This is the model of horizontal gasoline engine, using the old structure of water cooling, using the speed limiter of fly ball to adjust the speed. It is made of brass, aluminum and stainless steel, with a unique and beautiful shape, stable and reliable structure, and a wooden base for easy placement and operation. You will love this vintage and exquisite gasoline engine model.

Engine Starting Steps:

(1) Check the engine wiring from the wooden base, connect the tank fuel line, and install 3 AA batteries (4.5V).
(2) Add water to the engine tank. Fill the fuel tank with 95# gasoline. After filling is completed, rotate the flywheel on the right side of the engine clockwise two turns. It functions to allow the fuel mixture to enter the cylinder completely. Make sure no air is generated in the fuel line.
(3) Turn on the power switch, then quickly rotate the flywheel on the right side of the engine clockwise to start the engine.


(1) If the ignition is normal and cylinder compression is normal and the machine does not start properly, it is likely that the carburetor fuel needle needs to be adjusted.
(2) After tightening the main fuel needle on the carburetor, loosen 1/4 turn and start the flywheel to bring the gasoline and air mixture ratio to the normal working mixture ratio.
(3) When the machine stops running, turn off the power switch. Cooling.

Excellent Gift:

This exquisite engine model is easy to operate and full of fun. It observes and understands the working process and principle of the engine. It can be used as a desktop model to play with, and it can also be an excellent personalized gift for mechanical crafts model fans. .If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
For Ages: 14+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Brass + Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel + Wood
.Overall size: 180*125*125mm.
.Engine size: 180*125*75mm.
.Wooden base size: 180*66*50mm.
.Displacement: 6CC
.Cylinder Diameter: 22mm
.Stroke: 20mm
.Flywheel Diameter: 88mm
.Ignition Device Power Supply Voltage: 4.5V (using 3 x AA batteries, excluding batteries)
.Start Mode: External force (electric drill) or hand pull start
.Fuel Used: Gasoline
.Product Weight: 1800g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 15cm
.Package Weight: 2060g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Engine
.1 x Hand Puller
.1 x User Manual

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