M96 Mini Horizontal Air-Cooled Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke Oddball Hit and Miss Gas Engine Model


This is a horizontal single-cylinder 4-Cycle Oddball Hit and Miss Gas Engine Model with a unique and exquisite shape, stable and reliable structural design, and a wooden base for easy placement and operation.
It is machined from brass, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. A brass sleeve is installed on the crankshaft support with a lubrication hole to lubricate the main shaft and reduce friction. Likewise, a lubricant cup is added to the cylinder!
We have developed a new igniter specifically for this tiny engine that uses a 1.5V battery! It uses gasoline as fuel and can run for about 15 minutes per tank of fuel.
Start working clockwise (facing the starting shaft) and when you start this engine you can hear it moving, maybe that's one of the things that fascinates us.


Product name: Oddball Hit and Miss Gas Engine Model
Item number: M96
Material: brass, stainless steel and aluminum alloy
Color: as shown in the picture
Product size: length 135MM, width 80MM, height 60MM
Displacement: 2.3CC
Bore size: 13MM
Travel: 17MM
Flywheel diameter: 58MM
Weight: 750g;
Cooling method: air cooling
Start method: electric drill or hand start
Ignition method: new igniter
Starting power supply: 1.5V 1 AA battery (not included)
Fuel type: gasoline
Lubricating oil type: 2T engine oil

Packing list:

Engine*1 set
Accessories*1 set
Instruction manual*1

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