Level 20 DIY Assembled Pulse High Voltage Marx Generator Lightning Experiment Kit (Bulk Version, No ZVS High Voltage Power Supply)

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Marx Generator Kit:
The Marx generator needs to be self-assembled. The principle is that the high voltage is generated by the capacitor in series, and when the capacitor is fully charged, it releases electricity instantly to produce high voltage and high current
How to Assemble:
Screw the 10mm double-hole copper column onto the acrylic plate. Make the gap: peel off the wire in the kit and cut off the 35mm long copper wire, then weld the soldering iron directly to the terminal, and bend the pin at the end of the copper wire into a ring with the nip-nose pliers. Bend both ends of the high voltage resistance into a ring with a sharp nose pliers. Fix the striking gap and high voltage resistance on the 10mm double-hole copper column with a 15mm copper column, and use two high-power 10M ohm resistors for the first stage gap. Adjust the striking gap: the gap of the first stage can be about 15mm, and the gap of the last stage is 5mm. The gap of the middle stage gradually decreases. If the input voltage is less than 20KV, the gap should be reduced accordingly. Bend the pin of the high voltage capacitor into a ring with the nip-nosed pliers. Fix the high voltage capacitor on the lower copper column with a 15mm copper column. Fix the upper cover plate with screws and install the discharge electrode. In order to anti-knock and drop resistance during transportation, hot melt glue can be used to reinforce the connection between capacitor pin and copper column
How to use:
Max generator uses 10-20kv HVDC power supply, and it can output hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of volts. Level 20 25-30cm, voltage 300000V. It is forbidden to touch Marx generator and high voltage power supply in the energized state! At the end of each test, use a screwdriver or other metal with an insulated handle to touch two copper columns at the input end of 20KV power supply at the same time to discharge the remaining power in the capacitor before touching the Marx generator.
Value and Meaning:
This product shows the process of arc generation and disappearance, presenting arc-like white light and producing high-temperature gas discharge, which is very cool. It can be used in the scientific research experiment of high-voltage pulse power supply, and also in the teaching of electromagnetics, which is helpful to cultivate DIY players' ability of doing and thinking, understand the principle and application of arc light discharge, and enhance their scientific literacy
Warm Tips:
ZVS high voltage power and power supply are not included in this package. The discharge of Marx generator will produce relatively large electromagnetic interference. If the switch power supply is used, it will be more vulnerable to interference and damage. So it is necessary to use lithium battery pack, batteries, transformers and other power sources that are not afraid of electromagnetic interference to supply ZVS high-voltage power. Equipment should be away from household appliances to avoid electromagnetic interference of arc. Please read the page description carefully before buying. If you have any questions, please consult the owner! Thank you!

.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal
.Product Weight: 2000g
.Package Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 80cm
.Package Weight: 2500g
.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:
.1Set x Marx Generator (Bulk Version, No ZVS High Voltage Power Supply)

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