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  • 🏠【Quality Assurance, Crafting Exquisite Architecture】The medieval tavern building set comprises 1872 premium-quality building blocks, each meticulously polished to ensure non-toxic materials, tightly connected, and enduring durability. Its meticulously crafted architectural style not only pleases the eye but also showcases the charm of historical culture. Whether you’re an adult who likes to collect house sets or a boy or girl who loves building toys, you’ll be attracted to this house set.
  • 🌞【Diversified Structure, LED Warm Lighting Design】This house not only has a rich external structure design such as simulated roof, tree, terrace, tavern sign, and beautiful windows, but also adopts a split-layer design, and the floors can be split separately, for easy viewing of interior details and finished product movement. The LED copper wire light string adds a sense of mystery to the building and creates a warm light and shadow effect, which can accompany you through countless warm nights.
  • 🛕【Creative Combination, Unlimited Fun】Combining the medieval tavern with the blacksmith shop and magic house of the same series can create a new castle architectural spectacle and present you with an imaginative adventure. This combination not only expands the possibilities for building, but also provides players with a unique and fun building experience, allowing you to unleash your creativity. It is also a game project that cultivates concentration and stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • 🌼【Exquisite Design, Elegant Display】Our house model is not only the finishing touch to decorate the room, but also an immersive cultural journey. The well-designed openable roof and doors not only increase the viewing quality of the building, but also allow you to to view the interior details. Realistic wine glasses, bottles, counters, fireplaces, bookcases and other furnishings perfectly reproduce the layout and atmosphere of a vintage tavern, as if bringing you into a vivid retro scene.
  • 🎁【Popular Gift for Boys and Girls】Whether as a holiday gift or party decoration, this medieval vintage street view kit is the perfect choice, which is suitable as a surprise gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Christmas and other festivals. Boys, girls and adults can enjoy the fun of building. And, if you have problems with missing parts during the building process, please contact us, we provide replacement parts service to ensure your complete experience.

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JMBricklayer house set. A brand new medieval architecture. The medieval blacksmith’s store, tavern, and magic house can be combined to a new castle building.

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