Metal V6 Double-piston Brushless Electromagnetic Engine Model Technology Toys for 1/10RC RC Cars Ships

The V6 electromagnetic engine model boasts an exquisite, mini but domineering appearance, 2 pistons on each cylinder and a total of 12 pistons as well as strong magnetic power, which is a professional model toy that can show your personality clearly. Supports brushless ESC and forward&reverse rotation.

Sophisticated Manufacture:
Made of high-toughness alloy material, CNC process and metal drawing process, the elaborately-polished model with originality features rich-in-luster, delicate and cool surface, along with the mechanical sense of metal for long-term use and storage, suitable for an ideal desktop display.

Operating Principle:
Electric energy is converted into magnetic energy, and then the magnetic energy is converted into mechanical energy to do work. According to the principle of magnetic repulsion and attraction of opposites, a small amount of electric energy is scientifically used to generate strong magnetic energy. Through the electromagnets of each cylinder repel and attract each other within the set range, the strong repulsive force and attracting force pressure the lower magnet into movement, thereby pushing the connecting rod and driving the crankshaft to rotate to complete the engine work process.

Usages & Values:
Suitable for the modification of 1/10 model cars, the product with lots of fun can be operated and used in science and education experiment or teaching, which is helpful to understand its structure and principle, improve the interest in learning scientific knowledge, also available as a personal collection and tabletop ornament.

The customized product was taken in kind without modification to reflect the original taste of the metal. You can paint it any color you like, or optimize the machine structure if you have the superior hands-on ability. More room for expansion and upgrades are waiting for you to DIY and operate the engine in line with your ideas.


.Material: Metal
.Piston Diameter: 8mm
.Piston Stroke: 8mm
,Fan Diameter: 40mm
.Flywheel Diameter: 35mm
.Voltage: 6V-12V (7.4V 2S Li battery is recommended)
.Current: Over 5A
.Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 6 x 4.5cm
.Product Weight: 280g
.Package Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 8cm
.Package Weight: 300g
.Packing: Carton Box
.Ages: 14+

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