Microcosm M36 Miniature Steam Engine Twin Cylinder Steam Engine Model Toy Gifts

A steam engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid. The steam engine uses the force produced by steam pressure to push a piston back and forth inside a cylinder. The miniature steam engine with small design, can be placed in the palm of your hand, like a treasure. Meaningful gift for friends, kids.

1, NICE APPEARANCE: The steam engine is miniature design, can be placed in the palm of your hand like a treasure, delicate mini, exquisite workmanship. It is an excellent handicraft that is collected and appreciated.
2, EXTREMELY FINE CRAFTED: The steam engine is made of brass, Control valve to complete a new upgrade, the installation of high-temperature sealing O-ring.It has a reversible valve to run both directions with variable pressure, ready for servo connection.It consists of silver soldering process, Screw fitting is 1/4 "X 40 TPI.
3, EASY OPERATION: Connect the boiler by yourself (the boiler is self-supplied), add water to the boiler and heat the boiler. After heating for several tens of seconds, use the steam wheel flywheel to assist the hand.The steam engine model is suitable for installation on a model ship or a small model. The engine power of the model is suitable for the hull length of 600-850mm.
4, PRIORITY GIFT OPTION FOR MANY APPLICATIONS: By operating the steam engine model, you can learn the steam operation principle more intuitively and deepen your child's interest in physics learning.At the same time, this model is still a collectible collection.

1, The steam engine is a delicate model, be careful for operation.
2, Suit for people over 10 Years Old!

Product Name: Microcosm M36 Steam Engine
Cylinder Volume: 7.6 cc
Total Length: 85mm
Full Frame: 67mm
Full Height: 79mm
Weight: 366g
Stroke: 12mm
Cylinder diameter: 10MM
Output shaft diameter: 5MM
Suitable for hull length 600 ~ 8500mm
Steam working pressure: 10-60PSI
Package Dimensions: 85 x 67x 79 mm

Package Including:
1Set x Microcosm M36 Steam Engine Kit

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