Mini Horizontally Opposed 4-Cylinder Steam Engine Model With Gearbox For Small Steam Model Ship without Boiler


.This is a cost-effective, compact and delicate steam engine model with simple design and excellent performance. The model makes an incredible work of art and is suitable for small retro model ships.
.The steam engine adopts piston type slide valve structure, miniature stainless steel crankshaft and bearings at both ends. Comes with gearbox, fixed gear with bearings, brass gear transmission, clutch release fork complete reverse, positive/negative two gears and automobile hand wave structure.
.The compact model allows low power consumption and high thermal/dynamic conversion efficiency. The boiler with low power  (50*100mm in diameter) is able to work perfectly, lowering the barrier to entry. The space is small for model ships but an efficient power option for steamboats.
.Use and Maintenance: Please connect the boiler (not included), add steam cylinder oil to lubricate each part, connect the φ4mm copper pipe under a pressure of 2-4 and open the steam valve. With maintenance problems in mind, the removable model enables convenient maintenance and replacement of components.
.Wide Application: The model is suitable for most steam enthusiasts and makes a nostalgic industrial collection. The model can also be used for steam ship models, car models, small generators and so on.


.Material: Metal
.Steam Engine Dimensions: 12.5 x 9 x 7.6cm
.Steam Engine Weight: 350g
.Cylinder: horizontally opposed four cylinders
.Bore: 8mm
.Stroke: 8mm
.Steam Engine Shaft: φ3mm
.Valve Gear: Walschaerts
.Pressure: 3 kg/cm²
.Temperature: 50 ~ 120℃
.Lubricator: nut type
.Gear Ratio: 1:1.44 (25:36)
. Gearbox Dimensions: 29 x 33 x 56mm
. Gearbox Weight: 120g
.Gearbox Shaft: φ3mm
.Gear Ratio: 1:1 (36:36)
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 10cm
.Package Weight: 650g
.Paking: Box
.Suitable Age: 14+

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