NGH GF60i2 60cc Inline 2 Cylinder Four Stroke Engine for RC Airplane- Enginediy

NGH Engines have a well deserved reputation for performance and value, they are purpose made model aero engines, not converted chainsaw types. The ongoing development from NGH makes these some of the best available on the market today.
NGH GF60i2 Linear double cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine is designed and produced by NGH Engine Company, specially designed for uav and aviation model enthusiasts.There are many characteristics for the engine, like high-horsepower, low libration, long-endurance, low fuel consumption, long-life, low noise and so on. It is very suitable for the long-endurance UAV and aeromodelling real airplane. The body of engine is precision casted by mold and the parts are made by CNC. Every engine comes out of the factory through complete and thorough product testing, trying to keep all products in superior quality. All NGH engines have a unique identity code to ensure the legal identity of each NGH engine.



  • Type:Linear double cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine (Only For fixed-wing aircraft models and long-endurance UAV )
  • Bore:36mm
  • Stroke:29.4mm
  • The dimensions:59.82cc(2 x 29.91cc)
  • Carburetor:Walbro WT962
  • Igniter:NGH Automatic Angle LV igniter (RoHS & CE authentication)
  • Limited range of the speeds:1200-7500rpm
  • Igniter power supply:DC 4.8V - 8.4V 1000mAH
  • Spark plug:CM6
  • Fuel: 92# unlead gasoline + Fully synthetic 2T lubricants
  • Lubricating ratio: Gasoline:Lubricating = 35:1
  • Fuel consumption:22ml/min(Experimental conditions:22x10 Beech propeller,5400rpm)
  • Recommended propeller:20x10、22x8-10、23×8(two leaf blades)
  • Weight:Engine 2800g、Igniter 130g

Package Including:
1 x Engine Model
1 x Spark Plug
1 x CDI
1 x Exhaust Pipe
1 x Wrench
1 x Fuel Pump
1 x Carburetor
1 x Mounting Rack
1 x User Manual

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