Outboard Motors, 4 Stroke 9HP 224cc Air-cooled Boat Engine Outboard Boat Motor for 3-7.5m Boat

1, High Performance: Four-stroke power, less noise, fuel saving. Started by hand, simple and convenient. With reverse function for operation flexibly.
2, Applicable Ship: 9-hp outboard is suitable for small boats of various materials (such as inflatable boat, iron boat, plastic boat, glass fiber reinforced plastic boat, wooden boat, etc.) of 3-7.5m.
3, Driving: When the built-in tank is filled with fuel and running at full speed, it can normally run for about 1.2 hours with a speed of about 23km/h (due to different ship type, load and natural conditions, the speed will vary as well).
4, Fuel Condition: Gasoline and oil of the four-stroke outboard need to be filled separately. The gasoline used is 92# and above pure gasoline, and the machine oil used is special four-stroke machine oil
Attention: When add sufficient amount of gasoline and appropriate amount of machine oil (the amount of machine oil is subject to the scale line). Close the throttle (1 means close, 4 means open), and adjust the throttle to the lowest (L is the lowest, H is the highest). Start the electric start switch or pull the start disc to open the engine and open the damper to the maximum. During the operation of the engine, the damper is fully opened and the throttle handle is controlled for speed adjustment.

Notes: After receiving the four-stroke outboard, please add meh-cine oil and gasoline by yourself. Gasoline and machine oil must be filled separately. Close the air door when cooling machine, and open the air door after starting the engine. Do not close the damper when the machine is running, otherwise it will turn off. Using the machine with the damper closed for a long time will cause flooding. In case of flooded cylinder, the spark plug should be removed. The machine should be upside down for 1-2 days and then reused. If you do not use the engine for more than half a month, please empty the fuel ahead of time, otherwise the gasoline will block the oil road after deterioration, resulting in startup difficulties. Check the engine oil after the first 5 hours of use, and check the oil and air filter before each use after the first use. When the machine is stored and transported, the engine must be placed horizontally to avoid fuel and oil leakage.

Item Name: Outboard Motors
Material: Metal + Plastic
Shaft Type: Long Shaft (Applicable to stern plate within 57cm from water surface)
Displacement: 224cc
Control System: Steering Handle
Gear: No Gearshift (Reverse / Forward / Neutral)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.3L
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Propeller Specification: Diameter: 20cm, 3-blade aluminum
Power: 4 stroke, 9 horsepower
Speed: 3800 Revolution
Ignition System: CDI
Start Mode: By Hand
Tilt System: Manual Tilt
Carburetor: Diaphragm Type
Fuel Oil: 92# and above pure gasoline
Product Weight: 25000g
Package Dimensions: 134 x 54 x 42cm
Package Weight: 26000g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 x Outboard Motors

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