The Romantic Villa is a cabin suite exuding an enchanting European retro-style design. From the inviting open courtyard and cozy kitchen to the sophisticated living room, vintage bookshelves, and opulent attic, it harmoniously blends the timeless charm of retro aesthetics with the comforts of modern living.

  • Product Size: 34*25*26.5cm
  • Weight: Approximately 2.4kg with cover
  • Production time: about 2-5 days
  • Material properties: wood/cloth/colored paper, etc.
  • Production difficulty:★★★
  • Functional attributes: puzzle/gift giving/collection

Open Courtyard

The open courtyard provides a welcoming oasis, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces.

Retro piano
When the piano met and got to know each other, the retro and modern intertwined “stunning the audience as soon as it appeared”

Light luxury bathroom
Through the haze of steam, the light in the bathroom becomes soft and condensed.

Reading Time
Take a sip of the mellow coffee and the rich aroma lingers on your tongue

Elegant Living Room
Two different layers are superimposed, with exquisite patterns and golden decoration.

Retro Bookshelf
It not only meets daily storage needs but also has its own architectural beauty.

DIY toy house kit material: safety materials such as wood, paper, plastic, and cloth, toy house is divided into several material packages, pasted from paper to objects, sewn, glued, and assembled, all functions are handmade is needed.

Become involved in creating a creative and imaginative toy house to help you calm down, relieve work pressure, and promote brain development. Improve problem-solving skills, improve work efficiency, and even set an example for children.

Important Note:
1. Adhesives and batteries are not included. This is because air transportation is prohibited.
2. You will receive the loose material package. The house kit requires DIY, polishing, gluing, assembly and modeling to complete the home furniture and accessories.
3. The dollhouse kit is suitable for people over 14 years old.

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