Key Points:

1, Made of precision, the whole is made of high-grade materials, and the heating tube is quartz glass; Not only good heat dissipation, but also easy to observe the dynamics of the heating piston, resulting in a better look and feel. The base is painted MDF board with appropriate weight, and it is more high-end atmosphere after coloring; The connecting rod is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable; The bracket is made of oxidized aluminum alloy, and the texture is delicate.
2, The product is carefully designed, the overall stability and coordination are well remembered, and can be used without over-commissioning after receiving the goods;
3, The product comes with a generator, the output voltage of the generator is 3-5v, and it can be connected to the lamp bead and the lamp strip. And the product comes with many spare cylinders, alcohol lamps and other accessories, with good DIY potential
4, The product heating cylinder has an inner diameter of 14mm and a piston stroke of 12mm. The speed per minute is 2000-3000 rpm.
5, Suitable for gift giving, furniture decoration, DIY, science and education toys, educational props, etc.
6, Suitable for people over 10 years old, people under 10 years old should be used under adult supervision to avoid burns.

Note: In order to avoid transportation damage, quartz glass parts are packaged in the form of parts package. They are not directly installed. You need to do the simple installation before running according to the picture. The installation method is very simple. The installation can be completed with reference to shopping main diagram

Material: Quartz Glass + Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy + MDF
Product Size: 16*8*9cm
Product Weight: 320g
Packing: Carton Box

Package Content: (16 parts total)
1 x Alcohol Burner(One Spare )
1 x Generator
2 x Heating Cylinder(One Spare )
1 x Flywheel + Driving Wheel + Baseplate + Support + Power Cylinder in One
1 x Tweezers
1 x Disposable Syringe
2 x Little Wrench
4 x Seal Ring
2 x Colorful Led Light
1 x Silicone Tube


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