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Reference video from 70101, the difference between 70107 & 70101 is only the half-part body color.

  • 【Exquisite Dinosaur Set】: This mechanical dinosaur toy model is a two-color dinosaur, its two sides are brown and gray, and the color matching looks very cool. It consists of 1470 high-quality building blocks that can be used with confidence. The size of the entire dinosaur model is 23.60in(L)x9.80in(W)x11.80in(H), all accessories are packed in separate bags in the order of assembly, and equipped with colorful assembly instructions to help you easily complete the dinosaur construction.
  • 【Creative Model for Boys】: The design of this dinosaur model is very clever and creative. It not only has an interesting color-blocking design but also has many movable details. For example, the opening and closing of the dinosaur’s mouth can be adjusted, the neck can be turned, the tail can swing left and right, and the claws are particularly realistic. Overall, the design is very cool. If you are interested in this dinosaur-themed toy, then you can choose the tyrannosaurus rex model toy.
  • 【Cool Dinosaur Toy】: Dinosaur toys are very suitable for assembling with family and friends, and you can enjoy the fun building. You can also use building blocks to enrich your spare time. If you like archaeological creatures and want to learn about centuries-old dinosaur fossils, this dinosaur toy is a good choice. And its name is closely related to the dragon. It is similar to the shape of the dragon toy. You can collect many toy dinosaurs and experience the fun of Jurassic dinosaur world.
  • 【Gift & Collection】: Building block toys can improve logical thinking skills and imagination, help brain development and develop patience, making them perfect gifts for teens and adults. You can give it to your family and friends on their birthday / Christmas / Halloween / New Year or other special days, they will be very happy. And this dragon model is very memorable and collectible, you can take the dragon building block kit back as your beloved collection, which will be a meaningful thing.
  • 【After-sales Guarantee】: If our dinosaur building block set is fortunate to be purchased by you, then if there is any problem with the product after you receive the product, please contact us, and we will provide you with a solution or refund. In addition, our products are sent to you after strict inspection by the machine, but if you find that there are still missing in the kit when you are building a dinosaur model, please contact us, and we will send you the missing pieces for free.


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JMBricklayer 70107 Mechanical Dinosaur Building Block Kit

The JMBricklayer dinosaur model kit contains 1470 high-quality building blocks and colorful instructions.

The source of the design of the dinosaur model can be traced back to the Jurassic period. According to fossil research, tyrannosaurus rex evolved from the primitive coelurosaur and has a long history.

In the processing of appearance and details, the real dinosaurs are highly restored, and the momentum of the tyrannosaurus can be felt from its appearance.

It is a very cool two-color dinosaur building block model, which is of great commemorative significance and collection value.

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Enjoy Building Blocks Game – Build and Play Dinosaur Building Block Models with Your Family and Friends

  • Moveable parts: the dinosaur’s tongue and arms can be moved manually.
  • Turnable part: the neck of the dinosaur can be turned left and right.
  • Adjustable parts: the back tentacles, multiple joints, and keel of dinosaurs can be adjusted.


JMBricklayer 70107 Dinosaur Building Block Model with Lots of Realistic Details

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Head Detail

Many details of this dinosaur model are very realistic and worthy of collection.

Simulation Dragon Claw

This dinosaur model kit is great as a gift for teens and adults who will love this model!

Keel Detail

This dinosaur model is an excellent display to decorate your office or room.

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