TC Handheld Tesla Coil with 10cm Long Arc Artificial Lightning Generator Educational Science Experiment - US Plug


.Design Concept:
Adopt a newly designed PCB circuit board for an extensive area of the heat sink. Release easily about 10cm arc, due to the better components, and you can touch it in manual mode.

This beautiful model in a small size is easy to display. With reasonable circuit design, it is available for long-term use noiselessly.

Used to ignite in the air, light the gas and lamp tubes without any touch or connection, in addition to watching the arc.

.Dual-mode Switch:
1. Trigger automatic continuous button. 2. Press the button jog once to trigger a lightning bolt.

.A Tchnological & Educational Toy:
The Tesla coil is absolutely magical for kids or adults when it is working. Everyone will be mesmerized and wowed by this Tesla Coil.

1. Install the coil to the screw of the main unit (No Force Required).
2. Plug the power supply into the main unit (At Dedicated Power Supply 48V).
3. Connect the plug (Universal Between 110V-220V).
4. Be sure to turn it off when it is not working.

1. The high arc frequency may cause a slight burning sensation when touching. Do not touch the arc in automatic mode apart from in manual mode.
2. Be careful with the sharp discharge needle. For use by children under the supervision of parents.
3. It is not recommended to touch the components on other circuit boards after power-on, except for the switch.
4. Please turn off the power and leave the heatsink for a while if it is hot.


.Material: PCB + Electronic Components + Plexiglass + ABS
.Model: TC Handheld Solid State Tesla Coil
.Voltage: 12.6V (Fully Charged State)
.Input Voltage: 48V 2A (AC 110-240V)
.Arc Length: 0-10cm
.Discharge Frequency: 5-50±10Hz
.Product Weight: 750g
.Product Dimensions: 18.2 x 7 x 6cm
.Package Dimensions: 22 x 21 x 10.5cm
.Package Weight: 900g
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 14+

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