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.Small Lightning Storm: The mainstream structure of modern Tesla coils, using modern power tube IGBTs instead of lighters, no loss of parts, can work continuously for a long time. You can use it to create a small lightning storm show on the desktop.
.Interesting: It does not need to be grounded, it can be used when it is plugged in, and the lightning can be drawn out through the discharge needle. In the dark environment, it can produce beautiful and strong visual effects of artificial lightning. You will feel the charm of technology and be amazed by it.
.Principle: Tesla coil is a high-voltage generator that uses the resonance of the circuit to convert energy. It can convert a very small voltage into an ultra-high voltage that can break down the air and produce lightning.
.Wide Range of Applications: This product can be used for entertainment interaction, film and television special effects, popular science education, teaching demonstrations, etc. It is a smart device for wireless transmission experiments. The Tesla coil will fascinate you, and it is absolutely magical for adults and even for children.
.Gift: It suitable as an excellent technology gift for family, friends and children during major holidays.
.For Ages: 14+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal + Electronic Components
.Power Supply Voltage: 220V AC 50/60Hz
.Power: 0-100W
.Lightning Length: 0-20cm (adjustable by the controller)
.Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 20cm
.Product Weight: 1800g
.Package Dimensions: 23.5 x 19.5 x 35cm
.Package Weight: 200g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Tesla Coil Host
.1 x Host Power Cord
.1 x Discharge Needle

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