We've read countless fairy tales, letting their magic whisk us away into dreams where we become the characters we adore.

  • Product Series name: Fairy Tale Series
  • Product Weight: about 1.08 KG
  • Type: Medium-sized House
  • Function: Home Display, Collection, Gift Giving, etc.
  • Material: Wood, Cloth, Paper, etc.
  • Production Time: 3-5 Days
  • Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
  • Size: 22*15*20cm

The story of the little bear is etched deeply in our hearts, akin to a fairy tale. To preserve this joyful memory, we've chosen the theme of the little bear as our design inspiration.

Own your very own bear-themed shop, a storybook tale of your own making.

  • Gift Box
  • Treasure Chest
  • Bear Storage Rack
  • Black Wooden Horse
  • Gift Bag
  • Green Storage Rack

Includes resin bear accessories!

Join our community of bear enthusiasts and embark on a heartwarming journey of crafting and joy.

Make memories, share smiles, and bring your bear dreams to life at DIY Craft.

I remember a beautiful story called "The Candy House Story." The candy house is filled with joy and warmth, enchanted by a witch and hidden deep within the forest.

The taste of candy is the flavor of happiness, sweet and untouchably delightful.

Build a miniature candy house with our DIY kits. Add a touch of sweetness to your world!

Discover a candy cabinet filled with a variety of delightful treats!

Come and choose your favorite desserts from our sweet treat cabinet!

  • Cotton Lollipop
  • Shop Sign Rack
  • Thickened Door Frame
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Candy Storage Rack
  • Gift Box

Unleash your imagination and create something sweet!

Size: 22*15*20cm

Important Note:
1. Adhesives and batteries are not included. This is because air transportation is prohibited.
2. You will receive the loose material package. The house kit requires DIY, polishing, gluing, assembly and modeling to complete the home furniture and accessories.
3. The dollhouse kit is suitable for people over 14 years old.

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