Toyan Engine Water-Cooled Nitro-Methanol DIY Generator Set with Water Pump Radiator Thermometer

This Toyan engine set is a modified self made water-cooled generator model. It uses Toyan engine FS-S100 as the power, with water pump and radiator tank. It also has a thermometer, which can observe the engine temperature at any time, can protect the engine from overheating. Very cool engine model. You deserve have it.

1, DIY Toyan Engine Generator Set : This is a modified self-made water-cooled generator model, it has stable idling speed and good operation. With a metal fixed base, the overall appearance is elegant and refined. With one-key electric start, it is more convenient to place and operate.
2, What's in the box: Toyan Engine set comes with starter battery, charger and USB light. When you receive it, you only need to add the fuel, start it after simple debugging.
3, Fuel: Nirto-methanol fuel (20-25% nitro-methane finished fuel)
4, Meaningful Toy: This generator set can be used for DIY car model, ship model modification, home emergency lighting, outdoor lighting, small capacity battery charging, scientific experiments, teaching, etc., which is conducive to the development of intelligence, brain power and exercise ability, and Many applications can be self-developed by DIY, and friends who like hands-on can do whatever they want.

Tips: This generator set is a low-power motor and not suitable for high-power electrical appliances.

Item Name: Toyan Water-Cooled Nitro-Methanol Engine Generator
Material: Metal + Plastic
Size: 20 x 20 x 15cm
Voltage Stabilization: 5V
Output Voltage 12V
Start Method: One-key electric start
Fuel: Nitro-Methanol
Net Weight: 1000g
Package Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 18cm
Package Weight: 1200g
Packing: Box

Package Content:
1 x Toyan Water-Cooled Nitro-Methanol Engine Generator Set

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