TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline Four-cylinder Four-stroke Water-cooled Nitro Engine Model DIY Assembly Kit for 1:8 1:10 1:12 1:14 RC Model Car Ship Airplane - Assembled Version

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Maximum Speed:13,500 RPM
Exquisite Model:
Incredibly detailed following the real engine.
Long Stroke:
Long-stroke for effectively higher torque.
Integrated Crank Shaft:
It utilizes a 180-degree crankshaft. The ignition timing sequence of 1342 for running smoother and more sensitive acceleration response.
Double Synchronous Pulley:
The timing structure of the dual synchronous pulley reduces the risk of gear jumping during high-speed operation.
Precision Rocker Arm:
Alloy rocker arm and independent intake and exhaust design for more accurate valve switch.
Built-in Mechanical Pump Water-Cooled:
The power of the pump body comes from the crankshaft, and the pump body provides circulating power to the coolant. Later, it can cooperate with the cooling fan to enhance the self-cooling performance
Precision Carburetor:
Independent four carburetors for more accurate tuning, more sensitive throttle response, and working more stable
High Precision Gear Pump:
High-speed structure design & corrosion-resistant material manufacturing. Large flow water pump provides powerful cooling capacity.
It can be better compatible with the RC model and improve the unit power output ratio
Starter Kit:
The engine comes with an electric starter kit, providing users with all new fun.
For Ages: 10+

.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal
.Item Name: Inline Four-cylinder Four-stroke Water-cooled Nitro Engine
.Model: FS-L400
.Engine Size: 121.05 x 43.67 x 90.00mm
.Engine Weight: 980 (No Electric Starter Kit)
.Displacement: 14cc (3.5cc x 4)
.Speed: 3200-13500 RPM
.Piston Diameter: 16.60mm
.Stroke: 17.00mm
.Power: 3.05ps
.Product Weight: 1250g
.Package Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 15cm
.Package Weight: 2020g
.Packing: Exquisite Gift Box

Package Content:
.1 x TOYAN L400 Engine

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