X-POWER Sand Cruiser 1:8 RC Off-road 4WD Car Vehicle Crawler Kit

Product Details:
Material: metal + electronic components
Color: transparent body
Product name: Sand Cruiser 4×4 off-road climbing vehicle
Product form: KIT version
Ratio: 1:8
Size: 548*272*334mm
Wheelbase: 324mm
Wheel base: 220mm
Wheel: 2.2-inch aluminum CNC wheel
Tires: 120mm in diameter and 43mm in thickness
Minimum ground clearance: 43mm
Approach angle: 55°
Passing angle: 46°
Departure angle: 55°

Body structure:
Girder: Steel I-shaped girder
Drive mode: time-sharing four-wheel drive
Suspension type: metal axle (steel tie rod)
Transmission system: full metal gear, 7mm full metal drive shaft
Front shock absorber type: 100mm metal shock absorber (all metal twisted tooth shock absorber)
Rear shock type: 100mm shock (all metal twisted tooth shock)
Axle: Full metal axle, front differential and rear straight axle (support differential lock)
Body: simulation body, tires, lights

power system:
Engine: TOYAN two-cylinder four-stroke methanol engine
Weight: 535g
Size: 112*83*83mm
Displacement: 7cc (3.5cc*2)
Speed: 3800-16500rpm
Power: 1.05ps@14800rpm
Piston diameter: 16.6mm
The stroke is 17.0mm.

Transmission system:
Gearbox type: mechanical gearbox
Gear position: five gears (forward 1, forward 2, forward 3, neutral, backward 1), dual servo control

Steering system:
Steering rocker arm: metal steering rocker arm (25T)
Steering mode: 15KG metal high-torque steering gear, horizontal steering gear (with steering gear protection)

Brake system:
Brake system: disc brake brake, metal brake disc
Brake pads: anti-wear brake pads

Electronic equipment:
Body battery: 2S 7.4V lithium battery (not included);
Remote control: 2.4G 6-channel remote control (not included);
Engine start module: 3-in-1 40A brushless ESC (not included);
Servo: 9g x 2, 13g x 2 (not included), 25KG metal high-torque servo (not included);
Motor: 5200KV 2040 brushless motor;
Light set: simulated front and rear LED light sets.

1. After more than two years of research and development and testing improvements, Power Maser, a series of RC cars powered by a simulated internal combustion engine, has officially entered the field of model cars. The first model, the Sand Cruiser, is based on a desert off-road prototype and is equipped with a TOYAN FS-L200A two-cylinder four-stroke methanol engine.

2. Simulation is the ultimate pursuit as well as infinite feelings. On the charm of an RC car, an internal combustion engine is an indispensable soul. FS-L200A has designed a new pumped carburetor to provide players with more stable and smooth throttle control, which is very friendly to novices.

3. The five-speed mechanical transmission makes the vehicle more fun to play. The three forward gears + neutral + reverse gears and integrated brake module provide a brand-new control experience for players who experience oil-powered RC cars for the first time.

4. All-metal frame, all frame parts are manufactured by CNC, and the ultimate craftsmanship pursues exquisite quality vehicles. The vehicle is in the form of KIT parts. Assembling a complete remote control car will be an impressive experience.

5. The axle is designed as a front differential and rear straight axle. The front axle adopts a lockable differential type mechanical differential lock, which provides the necessary guarantee for high-speed driving and takes into account both speed and off-road performance.

6. The car shell is made of PC raw materials, and the hard and crash-resistant body shows the details and appearance perfectly. Transparent car shell For experienced players who are pursuing individuality, DIY painting and stickers can be applied as they like.

7. This car will be an excellent remote control car gift. It is the perfect complement to the RC series for many model car enthusiasts. At the same time, it is also suitable for amateurs and novices who are new to the field of gasoline-powered model cars. Its driving posture will be favored and praised by the majority of players. If you have any questions about this product, please consult us in time.

Age Recommendation: 14 years old and up

Package List:
1 x Vehicle (KIT)
1 x Sticker
1 x Installation tool
1 x Instruction

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